About Us

Since our founding in June 2019, we have expanded to employing 20 employees across our two locations: our UK office in Birmingham manages all of our business and customer relations, and our site in Pakistan manufactures our goods. We maintain a close connection between the two locations, ensuring our products are always manufactured to the highest quality possible.

What makes the products at Forja Workwear exceptional is our focus on research and development. Both of our locations constantly collaborate on improving our products and manufacturing methods to ensure our products are made as quickly as possible while maintaining and exceeding our high standards. As a result, we also emphasize our customer relations, ensuring we can maintain healthy relationships with our customers, listening to their concerns and feedback to provide the highest quality products at customer-friendly prices reliably.

In addition to our standard products, we also offer a made-to-order service in which you can incorporate your own Design/brand though orders made will be subject to minimum quantity requirements.